VENT Live-Art Residency: Proposal




an exposition of binary combination





Statement as the mechanism for thinking:

- Oxford is located at the confluence of the rivers Thames [Isis] and Cherwell.

Central Questions:

- Does addition necessarily result in an increase or a dilution?

- What is the nature and diversity of confluence within Oxford? [From geographical to cultural]



- To undertake a formal series of investigations into points of convergence within the city of Oxford.

- To allow the process of investigation to be at the centre of my art practice and the project’s praxis.

- To continually generate and gather documentation pertaining to the continual events of investigation.

- To establish collaborations and forms of experimentation with members of the Oxford community and the other participants in VENT.



- A consideration of confluence as a generative force and creative entity.

- An understanding of the nature and impact of multiple combinations of elements.

- The production of works in response to the central questions and results of the investigation.

- The generation of ‘second order’ performances, utilising the artefacts, fragments, samples and specimens that constitute the projects documentation, representing them in the form of a performative lecture series.

- To develop the nature and multiplicity of my practice, forging pathways for future exploration.





LETTER oF Reply from OVADA Gallerey: