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>> A bass soundtrack for moving the air within the Rothko room of Tate Modern, devised and created by La Resistance (mob records) and Zoe Laughlin. Brain Thickening will be played into the Rothko room as part of >>Materials Library Presents... on Monday the 6th of November 2006 from 6:30pm. Alternatively you can download the mp3 of Brain Thickening >>here and listen to the track in the Rothko room through headphones at your leisure.

  << Black on Marron by Mark Rothko, 1959.


  << by ZL as La Resistance played

Materials Library presents...
The Tate Modern's Rehang

6th Nov 2006: Materials Library Presents... Materials Gesture

>> The first in the series of four presentations form the Materials Library group who will be providing a succession of evening events that will highlight the material science behind some of the works of art amongst the Tate's collection. The first of these investigations takes place within the Materials Gesture gallery. This is your chance to have a tactile encounter with the stuff of art. No more; "please do not touch" - the Materials Library invites you to explore and question the nature of materials in relation to highlighted works within the gallery space.

Featuring: The Thermochromic Matisse, The Sound of Rothko (Brain Thickening by La Resistance and ZL), and the chance to encounter a non-newtonian fluid.

Materials Gesture Gallery , Tate Modern, 6:30pm - 9pm
£10 (£8 concessions) per evening
Evening includes drinks
For tickets call Tate on: 020 7887 8888
or visit >>www.tate.org.uk